The renewal maintenance has officially ended for Progress iMacros effective November 30, 2023 and all versions of iMacros are now considered EOL (End-of-Life).
This demo site will also no longer be moderated from the Progress side. Thank you again for your business and support.

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Web Page (Script) Error handling


Simple script without error:
Select your country Prices are displayed in:


Same script as above, but now the script code contains a "bug" that creates a script error whenever you select a new country:
Select your country Prices are displayed in:

Script errors can occur on many web sites for a variety of reasons: The iMacros Dialog Manager automatically clicks the Internet Explorer error dialog boxes, so your macros are NOT interrupted by script errors!

In Internet Explorer, to detect script errors using CONTINUE=NO, the option "Display a notification about every script error" (Internet Options, Advanced tab, under Browsing) should be ckecked.
Script Debugging IE settings