Demo Macros & Scripts

Examples for using iMacros efficiently.


All macros and scripts listed here are included in the default installation of iMacros. The example batch files and scripts can be found at "iMacros\Examples" folder, under your Documents if you selected the default installation directory during installation.

Demo Macro  Browser Demo Content & Remarks Demo Pages
Microsoft Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome
FillForm YES YES YES Demonstrates the use of the command line interface. The same syntax as in the batch files can be used to run Macros from the Windows Task Scheduler. Testform1
Frames YES YES YES IIM works well with framed pages. Frames
Downloads YES YES Download files automatically Downloads
Image Download YES YES Download all images on a page automatically. Uses LOOP button. Gallery
Print YES Print web pages and PDF documents Print
Javascript Dialog YES YES Click and fill Javascript dialogs Javascript Dialogs
Tabs YES YES Control the tabbed browser interface Popups
FileUpload YES YES Fill in the tricky file upload fields automatically. File Upload
Stopwatch YES YES YES Measure detailed website response times with the STOPWATCH command. Stopwatch
Loop-Csv-2-Web YES YES Demonstrates automatic data entry with the LOOP button: Reads Data a simple text file in CSV format and submits it to a web site. Enter Address Data
Extract-Table YES YES YES Extract complete table with one command and save data to text file. Exchange Rates
Flash YES This macro demonstrates the use of the DS commands to handle interactions on a Flash website. Flash
Drag Drop Tree YES This script automates an AJAX tree view, using drag & drop Drag Drop tree