The renewal maintenance has officially ended for Progress iMacros effective November 30, 2023 and all versions of iMacros are now considered EOL (End-of-Life).
This demo site will also no longer be moderated from the Progress side. Thank you again for your business and support.

The Progress Team

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Image Download

Please start this macro with the LOOP button.

This example demonstrates how you can use the LOOP feature and the {{!loop}} variable of iMacros to cycle through a thumbnail gallery and DOWNLOAD EACH image.

Example Thumbnail Gallery (JPG)

In this gallery, the thumbnails open the picture directly as JPEG file.

If you remove the "URL GOTO=...." statement at the top, this macro can cycle through EVERY thumbnail gallery that links to JPEG pictures. Just navigate to the gallery, start the macro and sit back and watch!

Example Thumbnail Gallery (HTML)

This gallery has the same pictures, buy they are opened inside a new HTML page.

You will find both types of galleries on the web. And of course, iMacros can create slideshows or download pictures with both types.

Tech Tips:

  • If you want to look longer at a certain picture, click on "PAUSE". Click "CONTINUE" to continue the slide show macro.
  • The {{!starturl}} variable is used to return to the thumbnail main page, even if a click on a picture fails. This makes the macro more reliable than using the BACK statement.
  • After the macro has cycled through all the pictures and the number of maximum loops is not reached yet an (unimportant) error message will appear that it can not find the next picture. . Just stop the macro loop then.
  • For experts: If you use the Enterprise Edition, can can detect the returned error code and end the macro automatically.