iMacros Password Tool

The password tool creates new, 256-bit AES-encrypted password strings for use with iMacros. Just enter your master password, the password to encrypt and
press the "Encrypt" button.

This password tools works with all new iMacros versions: iMacros for Firefox V6.5 and later, iMacros for Chrome V1.0.4 and later and the iMacros Browser / iMacros
for IE V7.00 and later.


Master Password:

Website password to encrypt (used to create a secure password string for use in iMacros)

OR: Enter website password to decrypt (enter password string from an imacro here)


Important: This tool uses the same Javascript code as the iMacros for Firefox extension. The password de- and encryption is done locally on your computer. No data is sent over Internet. As a test, you will see that this page even works when your PC is offline. All iMacros versions use 256-bit AES encryption, so the password strings you create can be used with all iMacros versions.

For experts:
You can download and inspect the open-source encryption code (enc.js and rijndael.js).

 For more information about the iMacros password encryption please see the Wiki: