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Demo WINCLICK X=... Y=... CONTENT=...

This example macro demonstrates how to use the WINCLICK function to automate websites that include elements that are not based on HTML. Typical examples of these kind of websites are sites that include JAVA applets (do not confuse this with Javascript) or FLASH elements. WINCLICK simulates "real" Windows mouse clicks and keystrokes that work on any kind of web page.

  • Please run this macro inside the IIM browser (not Internet Explorer Plug-In).
  • The WINCLICK feature is only available in IIM browser that is part of the PRO and Enterprise Editions of Internet Macros.

Java-based Calculator

WINCLICK Recording Tips

  • To record the WINCLICK function some web pages require that you click twice on each button. The first click adds the WINCLICK statement to the macro and the second click executes the function.
  • Multiple WINCLICK lines with the same coordinates and content that follow directly after each other are automatically merged to one when the macro is saved.
  • You can send keystrokes to an input field with the "CONTENT=" attribute of the WINCLICK command. Unlike the TAG command, the WINCLICK text is NOT recorded automatically, please edit the macro to add text to the CONTENT attribute.

The same approach is used in the "Demo-FileUpload" sample macro.