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Response time is a top factor for most visitors in choosing a website. The only more important factor is ease of use and navigation. For many visitors response time is even more important than prices or quality of content.

The STOPWATCH command allows you to use iOpus Internet Macros for easy and detailed website response time measurements.

The example macro ("Demo-Stopwatch") navigates to this page and then goes on to measure the response time of our automatic data entry form and online store. After the macro is completed the results are stored in a file called "demo-stopwatch.csv" in the Internet Macros download folder. You can change the name and location of this file with the SET !FILESTOPWATCH c:\yourfolder\yourname.txt command.

The measurement data is stored in the popular CSV format. "CSV" stands for "Comma Separated Values file". It is a standard text file format, that can be opened with any text editor. And it can be instantly imported by almost all office programs (e. g. EXCEL) or scientific graphing software (e. g. ORIGIN).